How We Differer From Our Competition

Other services only let you view/print the documents you purchase until the end of their billing period (usually the end of the month). After that you have to purchase the documents again.

Rather than a "short term lease" we give you access to your documents as long as you want. Once you buy them you can view/print/download them as often and as long as you like. We won't charge you twice for the same document in the same project.


Our high resolution index photographs are $10/page.

If you need an updated index of an index you have already bought in your project the cost is just $5/page.


Our high resolution instrument scans are $1.30/page.

You will receive all pages of the instrument as a single, multi-page PDF file.

Special Website Launch Pricing!

While we're getting our website up to speed (building our document library and exterminating bugs) we're offering special pricing because the user experience won't quite yet be up to the standards we strive for.

     Indexes: $8/page.
     Instruments: $1.10/page.

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